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OUPLC Novice Course (10 weeks)

OUPLC Novice Course (10 weeks)

This is a 10-week novice powerlifting course (starting Week 4 Monday - 30/10/2023) run by our club coach, Norman Cheung

  • Weekly powerlifting program provided
  • Weekly 1 hour zoom seminars, covering the following topics:
    • Discussion and explanation of your weekly programmed training
    • Form checks on some videos from you or others on the course
    • A short seminar on a relavent powerlifting topic (e.g. technique, nutrition, preparing for sessions and troubleshooting)
    • A Q&A section


This course is targeted towards those those that have performed the squat, bench press and deadlift and have:
1. Not followed a structured powerlifting program before, or

2. Understands the basics of powerlifting technique but want to improve further, or 

3. Want to take powerlifting more seriously.


This program is an excellent middle-ground between an uncoached template program and a fully customised program with a one-to-one online coach. (The vast majority of private powerlifting coaches are online)



This is a new program for us and is heavily subsidised. A program for this length and detail by such an experienced coach at such an affordable price is unprecedented.
This is also an excellent way to give yourself more accountability in terms of your training and consistency!


If you purchase this course after the end of the 10 week period, you will have access to all of the videos and the program but will, of course, not be able to attend the sessions live or have your form personally looked at by our coach, Norman Cheung.

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