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OUPLC Movember Competition

The Event

To kick off the month of November we hosted our annual Movember competition, where we aim to complete feats of strength in order to raise money for Movember. Usually we would host the Movember event at Iffley Road Powerlifting Gym and run it as a powerlifting-competition-style event, but due to COVID (the gift that keeps on giving) we had to run a different style of event.

Instead of the usual style of event, we had lifters complete maximal attempts of the overhead press and the strict bicep curl and send recordings of them to us in the three days before gyms closed. Despite this change of style we were still able to come together (virtually) and allow ourselves to ‘bro out’ for a good cause!

Men’s Side

The men’s side was met with fierce competition, with the men mostly scoring within one IPF point of each other. All the men who competed managed over a one-plate (60kg) overhead press, and three even managed to lift over a one-plate strict curl. Very impressive stuff!

However in the end there was a standout winner in this category. Congratulations to former Men’s Captain Aron Hegedus on being our Best Male Lifter, with a bro-total of 152.5kg at a bodyweight of 98.7kg, giving him an odd-lift IPF score of 19.39.

The full list of men’s results can be seen below:

Women’s Side

We also witnessed some impressive performances on the women’s side. Even with the reduced rotation of Movember meet lifts, all of the women managed to lift a total at or around their bodyweight, with one achieving a total exceeding her bodyweight!

However in the end we once again had a standout winner. Congratulations to Caitlyn Brinkman-Schwartz for being our Best Female Lifter, with a bro-total of 60kg at a bodyweight of 59.2kg, giving her an odd-lift IPF score of 13.69.

The full list of women’s results can be seen below:

Final Thanks

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Movember competition. It was great to see new and returning faces amongst the competitors, and we hope that we will be able to train and compete alongside you all in the near future!



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